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The Swanns' Crest

The Black Jet - The Swanns Touring Limo

In 2005, The Swanns purchased their limousine (The Black Jet) in which they toured for several years. Following are several photos:

On Our Way

Inside Limo

The Harlem Renaissance Festival

at the Harlem Renaissance Festival

Arriving in Erie, PA for A Concert

near Lake Erie

Arriving in Erie, PA for A Concert

arriving in Erie, pa

Mt. Rainier Day Street Concert

On stage

Mt. Rainier Day - Police Protection

performing at Mt. Rainier Day

Arriving On The National Mall

Harvey Jr. Arriving

Returning To The Limo After The Concert

on the national mall

Arriving To Perform In West Virginia

near the Ohio river

Harvey Sr. (The Maestro)

Harvey Sr

North Potomac, Md

side of limo

North Potomac, Md

limo door open

North Potomac, MD

getting ready to go

Prom Season - North Potomac, MD

going to the prom

Prom Season - Soraja, Jazzrielle and Jacqueline

Three sisters beside limo

Prom Season - Soraja and Jacqueline

Photo shoot

Graduation - Washington, DC


At home - Gaithersburg, MD

Front View

At home - Lake view

Top View

At home - Upper level view

Driveway View


During Jazz Appreciation Month, April 2023, The Swanns released their 25th anniversary album - (Breakthrough - The Album). The Swanns music is available on many streaming and download platforms all over the world; the UK, Japan, France, Sweden, Germany, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and many others.

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